Newborn Photography Bristol

If you are thinking about newborn photography in Bristol then you are in the right place. Either you are expecting or you already have your precious little bundle in your arms, so congratulations! 

I am a Bristol newborn photographer with over 8 years experience.

Babies are ideally photographed at between 5 and 21 days old when they are still very sleepy and new. Bookings can be made any time after your 20 week scan and this will guarantee that you don’t miss out as I can often get booked up several months in advance.

I also realize that many new parents don’t think about having photos taken until after baby has been born so it is never too late to get in touch – I will do my best to fit you in, even if your baby is a little older than 3 weeks. If your baby is over 3 months old please have a look at my Baby Photography page.



We had a lovely experience with Kate at her studio and were over the moon with the pictures that we got. Taking pictures of newborns is a very specific skill and Kate is amazing at it. We would highly recommend Kate and we will be booking another session when our little one is sitting up.

newborn photography in Bristol studio


All my sessions take place in my natural light studio in Pill, about 15 minutes drive from Bristol city centre. 

Sessions can take up to four hours but this is to allow plenty of time to settle your baby. There is a sofa for you to sit back and relax on whilst I create some stunning artwork for you to treasure forever.

During your session I will use several different set-ups for your baby that have been chosen specifically for you based on your pre-session consultation. Sibling and family photos are also included as part of your session – and if grandparents are visiting, bring them along too (please just let me know beforehand!).

Please visit my Newborn Photography Bristol Portfolio Page to see more examples of my work. You can watch a short film of one of Kate’s newborn sessions HERE.

Conveniently located just off the M5 my studio is perfect for those looking for newborn photography in Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Gloucestershire and South Wales.



Kate is just fab!! We chose her to photograph our little boy when he was newborn and we recently had a family shoot when he turned one. The experiences both times were very relaxed and so lovely to do, with absolutely stunning pictures at the end!

Newborn Photography FAQs

When Should I Book?

You can book your session any time after your 12 week scan. Limited bookings are taken each month to allow for some flexibility with rescheduling if baby arrives early or late.

Although it is best to photograph babies when they are under three weeks old I am happy to do newborn photography sessions up to around 6 weeks, so I will do my best to fit you in, even if you’ve left it a little late to book!

How Do I Book?
Please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page. Kate will be in touch as soon as she is available.
Can I Bring My Other Kids/ Dog/ Grandparents...?
Family and sibling photos are included in the session as standard. If you have a dog who is an important part of the family, ask Kate about bringing them along for a few photos. If Grandparents are visiting or live locally then they are welcome to come along for a few photos. Please just check with Kate first as space is fairly limited.
What Happens If My Baby Wont Sleep?
Some babies are very sleepy. Some babies are not. But…all babies will sleep eventually! If your baby is wide awake then I don’t waste my time trying to force them to sleep if they are not tired. I will use this opportunity to take some super cute awake shots and maybe some family photos. If they are still wide awake after a good kick about and a big feed then I will probably swaddle them. Being swaddled is like being cuddled so not only does it look super cute but it often helps to get them off to sleep. Many of the naked posed shots do require them to be in a deep sleep. It can sometimes take a little while to get them into the right state but we usually get there in the end – this is why some sessions take 3 hours…or more!!
What Happens If My Baby Wont Stop Crying?
I have over 7 years experience photographing newborn babies. If a baby is unhappy it is usually just a process of elimination to work out what the problem is. Sometimes it take a little patience but we always get there in the end.
What Do We Need To Bring With Us?
  • Lots of nappies & wipes.
  • Several bottles if bottle feeding. Baby may seem even more hungry than normal during the session so bring extra!
  • If you have one, please bring a dummy/pacifyer, even if you do not plan to use one in the long term. If your baby will not settle I may suggest using a dummy, just for a few seconds as they fall asleep. Using one for this very short time will not get them ‘hooked’ on it and will not cause any feeding confusion in future, but it may be the difference between getting a few more super cute sleepy photos and not. I promise to respect your wishes if you would still rather I do not use one.
  • A change of clothes – accidents do happen, especially when holding naked babies!!!
  • Any special teddies or heirloom items you may wish to include in some photos.
Do You Provide All The Props And Accessories?
Yes. I have a huge collection of props, backdrops, fabric wraps, tiebacks, bonnets, tiny teddies… You do not need to provide any outfits for baby as they will either be swaddled or naked.
Where Is Your Studio?

My studio is in the village of Pill. It is 15 minutes west of the city centre and just 5 minutes from M5 J19. It is conveniently located for anyone wanting a Newborn Photoshoot near Bristol.

Newborn Photography Bristol


All sessions require a £99 non-refundable deposit in order to secure your photoshoot which will be deducted from your final payment. Your viewing session will be arranged for one or two weeks after your photoshoot, at this stage you will choose from one of the packages below.


Newborn Baby Photo in yellow bunny ears hat
All images in your gallery as high resolution digital files (20+) Black & white versions of all your images Ten Professional Prints of your Choice up to A4 (8×12″) A complete set of 5×7″ prints. A £100 Wall Art or Album Voucher £50 off your ‘Sitter’ session. Permanent online gallery of all your images. A slideshow of your gallery


Ten images from your gallery as high resolution digital files Black & white versions of your chosen images A matching set of 6×8″ Professional Prints Permanent online gallery of your chosen images


Awake newborn on white with tight fists
Five images from your gallery as high resolution digital files Black & white versions of your chosen images A matching set of 6×8″ Professional prints Permanent online gallery of your chosen images


I am proud to offer my clients a stunning range of bespoke wall art. I use a range of suppliers that I have personally selected over the years for their quality, outstanding craftsmanship and unique products.